About Microphone Flags :

Order our top quality customised, (with your company logo) microphone flags to promote your brand for use in public or for broadcasting. Each mic flag comes with one small hole (fits EV-635 style) and one large (fits SM-58 style) hole foam insert. Your microphone flags can be printed in any number of colours.  If you require a mic flag within 3 days we recommend ordering a mic flag with a printed polyester decal.

Mic flags are the perfect branding tool for radio and TV stations, YouTube, podcasts, organised events for meeting, trade and professional events including sports, government and not for profit organisations, in fact, anywhere that a microphone is needed.

Send us what you require via the ‘Contact page and we will email back with all the details you require.  Ordering is simple!

NB: We recommend that your artwork files be sent in a CMYK colour format. But as long as you send a high res image we should be able to work with that.

The Morning Show Microphone Flag
mic flag 2gb
mic flag 3mp